Gipsy Hill, London



Trust & Connection

For the past seven years of my life I have photographed people. To me it’s an important act of mutual trust, connection and understanding. Every time I use my camera, I search for and celebrate love, kindness, friendship, compassion & creativity. And not only those things but everything which defines us as human.

Love, kindness & compassion

Like so many people, I’m not completely comfortable when a camera is pointed in my direction, I suddenly become aware of my expression, my movements, I wonder what to do with my hands and inevitably I put on the “photo face” (we all have one!). A familiar feeling, right! That’s why my approach on your wedding day is to capture real moments as they unfold;
completely un-posed, fun, relaxed and beautiful!

Understanding & Friendship

Your wedding day will be a mixture of all sort of emotions. You have said ‘yes’ to a future with the love of your life; it’s a day you will hug friends  and family close, and they may have travelled a long way to be with you to celebrate. I want to capture all of these moments for you; the happy smiles, the emotional tears and the joy and laughter (and of course those crazy dance floor moments!), to record real memories that you will both value and cherish for years to come.